Custom software and data management solutions with a serious focus on quality.

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Simplify your organization's needs with our technology.

  • Convert your servers into cloud native services on AWS.
  • Automate your routine labor.
  • Stop using excel to manage your business and/or your data.
  • Get insights with automated data reporting.
  • Boost productivity with custom software catered to your needs.
  • Backup your data over multiple geographic regions.
  • Encrypt your data at rest.

Serious Technology Solutions develops software and data management solutions for companies and government agencies of all sizes. We ensure that all of our clients receive reliable solutions via rigorous testing suites that are created based off of your requirements. This means that your business requirements are the measurements of our success.


Custom Software

Your problems require the right tool for the job, even if that tool doesn't exist. Off the shelf solutions weren't designed for your specific needs; our solution are.

Data management

Let's face it, MS Excel is not a database. We can convert any data into secured, backed up, and geographically distributed databases. Still using Excel? Lots of CSV or TSV files? Let us clean it up.

Data Reporting

Make data human readable again. Alleviate your organization's needs to learn and use query languages like SQL and rely on us to develop your custom data dashboards.


Whether you need to create an interface to connect your Internet of Things device to the World Wide Web, or you need to sew a web of microservices together - we will build your Application Programming Interface.

Application Modernization

Don't have time to update your legacy code into modern masterpieces? We'll convert your outdated code bases into modern applications written in Python, C#, or Go.


Not sure what questions to ask? Do you need help getting to where you need to be with technology solutions? Let's talk!

Your organization's needs are complicated; your software doesn't have to be.

Serious Technology Solutions specializes in using state of the art software engineering practices to solve real problems facing organizations of all sizes across a multitude of domains. Our engineers control complexity, not create it.

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